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What our patients say

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    As a news reporter, I had faced many difficulties regarding putting on my glasses. I was always hesitated about doing the laser operation to my eyes. But now after many years of having undergone lasik operation by Dr. Muhammed, I am still happy and very satisfied.

    Amer Lafi, Reporter at Aljazeera TV channel in Turkey

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    I am a practising doctor, I know very well the seriousity of having an eye operation. But my glasses used to be an overload for me, that's why I was always thinking of throwing them out. When I came to Dr. Muhammed I trusted him and decided to undergo the laser. And now, it has been many years for living free without glasses.

    Dr. Muhammed Amin, Family doctor & Chairman of Association of Palestinian doctors in Turkey

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    I have used both distance and nearness glasses for too many years, and I am fed up with them. I came to Dr. Muhammed who had performed laser treatment for my eyes before many years. And since then I don't need the glasses any more.

    Resul Tosun, Member in Turkish Parliament & Famous author in Turkish journals

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    My view in the TV screen is very important for me as a TV host , and I don't like the glasses reflections in front of the camera. So I put in mind getting rid of my glasses, and I went to the doctor who I trust, Dr. Muhammed. He applied the latest laser technology to my eyes before many years, and since then, I feel more confident in front of cameras. Really, I advise everyone who wear glasses not to hesitate about laser treatment.

    Nizar Al-Hirbawy, TV Presenter & well known TV host